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Margot robbie dating

Growing up, she says, "It was weird because a lot of my friends were very wealthy.It was interesting to see what you can have in life and know what it was like not to have it. It seemed horrible at the time, but I'm grateful I had it that way, because I knew what I wanted to achieve." She's since joined high-profile projects like Warner Bros.' , but she remains wary of how Hollywood works.

The website debunks a report in Magazine that Delevingne had developed a "huge crush" on Robbie, and the two were "hanging out together" and "partying nonstop to the point where Cara ignores St.Ronaldo has been linked to a bevy of different beauties since the split, including Alessia Tedeschi.'s lickable Alexander Skarsgård have both been making the rounds at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah recently.The pair had previously been together for five years, while the reason for the demise of their relationship still isn’t known.Shayk, who has graced the cover of , is now believed to be dating actor Bradley Cooper.

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That’s because it’s been speculated that the Real Madrid forward has set his sights on the actress because he has started to follow her on Instagram, and also liked several of her pictures.

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