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The following year Kraus succeeded founder Wilhelm Schultz as president, and continued expanding production.In 1930, annual sales were reported to be 500,000 units, with 35 to 40 percent being sold to Sears (catalog sales).The last new (old stock) American made acoustic finally was sold around 1980.This was after I borrowed it to travel across country.In 1916, the Sears, Roebuck Company purchased Harmony, and seven years later the company had annual sales of 250,000 units.Max Adler, a Sears executive, appointed Jay Kraus as vice-president of Harmony in 1925.In the late 1930s, the firm began making violins again after a 19-year hiatus.

A." Late 40's (perhaps) has black lettering against gold back ground, with no border. - Early 50's - A symmetrical decal with cream colored back ground bordered in shaded green with a "ribbon like" format.

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Read all about the guitars we love in the first printing of the book the cronicles the history and the guitars produced by this USA guitar maker.

Harmony had no branch offices, territorial restrictions, or dealer reps - wholesalers purchased the musical instruments and aggressively sold to music stores.

The Harmony Company was an American company that, in its heyday, was the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the USA. purchased it, in part to corner the ukulele market.

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Between 19, the Chicago firm mass-produced about ten million guitars. Many of the instrument amplifiers badged with the Harmony name were manufactured by Sound Projects Company of Cicero, Illinois.