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Definition relative dating geology

Everything that existed on Earth was the same as it had been in the beginning.

In the eighteenth century, geologists began to theorize that Earth's lifetime was immense.

Eras, the four largest time blocks in the scale, are named to indicate the fossils they contain: Precambrian (before ancient life), Paleozoic (ancient life), Mesozoic (middle life), and Cenozoic (recent life).

The last three eras are then subdivided into 11 periods.

A contractual agreement in which a mineral rights owner or lessee assigns a working interest to another party who will become responsible for specific exploration, development or production activities.

b) A mass of rock that can be recognized by its composition, structures or fossil content and mapped on the basis of those characteristics.

Many people believed Earth was only a few thousand years old.

They also believed that all the physical features of Earth—mountains, valleys, oceans, rivers, continents—were the same as they had always been.

Geologic time describes the immense span of time—billions of years—revealed in the complex rock surface of Earth.

Geologists have devised a geologic time scale that divides Earth's history into units of time. A unit is defined in terms of the fossils or rock types found in it that makes it different from the other units.

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Co­smic rays enter the earth's atmosphere in large numbers every day.