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Hi Rosie and Sherry, First off, I really enjoy your articles on!They are a true inspiration and the advice is very well worth listening to. I just experienced a truly unique dating situation.Can you please help me understand what happened after only a few dates?The story starts a couple weeks ago when I was introduced to a young lady by a mutual friend.

We discovered a mutual passion for our Jewish heritage.

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While he made your heart pound, you’re afraid you may have gotten his pulse raising in nervousness rather than adoration.

It teaches us important things about love and prepares us for the next opportunity.

So, trusting in that hope again and again while tempering it with a bit of perspective is a healthy way to approach dating.

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While you want to give him a chance to see the “new you” in a positive light, avoid rushing over to his house or calling him repeatedly.

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  1. We’ve been raised seeing our parents and grandparents celebrating golden wedding anniversaries and growing old together. Admittedly some of us imagine a better life abroad and consider marrying a foreigner as a ticket to that goal, but we’re not just about to marry anyone.